Most Popular This Week – 2/26/17

Aldo Montani, Rebecca Minkoff Stacey Slip On Sneaker with Bow in Denim

Bag with Patches & Slip Ons with a Bow

As I was getting dressed one morning, my husband decided to question my choice of shoes and accessories for the day. Apparently, my bag was a bit too ridiculous for his taste. For me, though, it was totally awesome 🙂 However, I kept wondering the entire day if he was right – if I’m too old to wear things like this, if there is some sort of a cut off point when your clothes should transition from trendy to more practical? And the answer for me is “Hell No!” You are never too old for funky prints and eye catching accessories. You are never too grown up to put a bow on your shoes and marvel at it throughout the day. You are never too old – until you start taking yourself too seriously. And at that point, of course, bows and patches are probably not for you anymore. What do y’all think? Do you wear “age-appropriate clothes” or are you against putting any sort of boundaries on your wardrobe?

P.S. I was excited to see so many “age-free” responses about my bag on social media!

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